Weekend supply + Sigg Food Flask

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So excited that Sigg have released an awesome, awesome new food jar (like a thermal flask, but for food). We're pleased to say that they're great, and are also the perfect size for our 800kcal meals.

So, we've teamed up to offer a kit for a weekend of adventure:
- 2x TentMeals breakfasts
- 2x TentMeals main meals
- 2x snack packs
- 1x 750ml SIGG Gemstone Food Jar

You can choose either the 500kcal or 800kcal meals (or a mix), and we'll make sure to pop in our most popular options for you :)



BBE DATES: Typically, this is 6-12 months but if you require meals with specific or longer BBE dates please message us along with your order (or before placing your order) and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are aware that our BBE dates are shorter than that of many freeze dried meals. This is because we have taken great care to make our meals as healthy as possible, meaning the ingredients we select are naturally dry or dried (e.g. nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, fruits, couscous etc) and so cannot last as long as freeze dried equivalents. Herbs and spices start to lose their flavour after around 12-18 months, nuts can start to sweat, and fruits can start to release their sugars. And so, the shelf life is usually a year or so from production. As we are unwilling to compromise on the quality of our ingredients, we must instead compromise on the shelf life.

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