The Environment

Think the boxes that your meals arrive in are a bit eccentric? That’s because they are.

We send all your camping food in re-used boxes

To reduce our carbon footprint, we make sure all of the boxes you get your meals in have been re-used.

We collect up all the packaging we receive things in - cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, the lot - and have a whole bunch of our friends doing the same. The only exception is the parcel tape we use, and any messages we send you. We even avoid printing address labels wherever possible and hand write your address instead!


As well as shipping your meals responsibly, we aim to package them sustainably. We currently use only 4g of plastic packaging per meal (the least we could get away with without risking the bags bursting).

All our packaging can be recycled with soft plastics at larger supermarkets. Check with your local authorities to find out where.

We're also now in the process of switching to biodegradable bags so that we can stop using plastic altogether!

Food waste

Uh, well, basically there isn’t any. Sometimes we make a mistake and can’t sell it, but we still put everything to good use. Recently, we sent 200+ meals to the refugee camp in Calais. And sometimes we just eat the leftovers ;-)

Vegan and vegetarian expedition meals

For those who prefer not to eat animal products - for environmental, health, or other reasons - we have an excellent range of vegan and vegetarian camping food. For as long as we exist, we'll keep supplying these.

If you've got any suggestions for anything we could do better, let us know!