Dietary restrictions and expedition meal planning

Eating well when you're camping or on an expedition is not always easy. If you have dietary restrictions, we know it can be even more difficult.

We try to develop all of our meals with this in mind, making dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc options wherever possible.


We do our very best to avoid cross contamination. However, all of our meals are currently prepared in the same facility. This means that if you have any severe allergies or intolerances our meals may not be suitable for you.

When we say "gluten free" or "dairy free", this means that none of the ingredients that we have used in the recipe contain gluten or dairy etc. It does not mean that we can guarantee that there are no traces of gluten or dairy etc because of the small possibility of cross contamination.

Please do not take the risk if you have a severe allergy or intolerance.

Do you have lactose and dairy free expedition food?

All of our main meals and breakfasts are totally dairy free :)

(Quite probably this is because the TentMeals founder, Jess, can't eat dairy and she does most of the recipe development...) A couple of the snacks contain small amounts of lactose - that was because we couldn't resist having a few chocolatey options... oops...

Do you have gluten free expedition food?

Main meals: When we were developing our Almond Jalfrezi Curry, we made it a mission to avoid any ingredients that contain gluten. We were really proud to announce it as our first gluten free camping meal. Since then, we've also released our Thai Green Curry meal, which similarly avoids gluten-containing ingredients.

Breakfasts: We are pleased to offer our first breakfast which doesn't have any gluten based ingredients - our Sour Cherry and Chocolate porridge. None of our other breakfasts have gluten as their base either, but the oats in them are not gluten free.

Do you have nut free expedition food?

Breakfasts: We are happy to report that we have two tasty nut free breakfast options available - our Blueberry Burst porridge and our Super Seed and Red Berry porridge.

Do you have vegetarian expedition food?

Everything we sell is suitable for vegetarians :)

Do you have vegan expedition food?

All the main meals and breakfasts we sell are suitable for vegans. The only things which we sell that are not suitable are a couple of the trail mix options.

For a while we had trace amounts of dairy in some of our meals, but a wonderful vegan friend convinced us that we could switch these out for ingredients that were just as delicious, a lot healthier, and give vegans more camping food options. 

Can I make my own expedition meals?

Have you got dietary requirements that we don't cater for? Or would just like to make your own meals?

If so, check out our dedicated "make your own" section, full of delicious ingredients that are great for making your own camping ready meals.