The classic combo trail snack

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A tasty, healthy, classic trail mix of walnut chunks, juicy cranberries, and giant Chilean flame raisins

Our healthiest snack bag, full of delicious energy for those tough days

NUTRITION per 100g: 469 kcal, 7.7g protein, 48.7g carbohydrates (of which 25.3 sugars), 31.8g fat (of which 3.0g saturates), 5.7g fibre, 0.01g salt. Ave 90g (so 422 kcal) per bag.

INGREDIENTS: walnuts, cranberries (sulphurised), jumbo flame raisins (sulphurised).

ALLERGENS: see ingredients in bold.

This expedition snack is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

BBE DATES: typically 6-12 months. If you require meals with specific or long BBE dates please message us either along with your order, or before placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

We are aware that our BBE dates are shorter than that of many freeze dried meals. This is because we have taken great care to make our meals as healthy as possible, meaning the ingredients we select are naturally dry or dried (e.g. nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, fruits, couscous etc) and so cannot last as long as freeze dried equivalents. Herbs and spices start to lose their flavour after around 12-18 months, nuts can start to sweat, and fruits can start to release their sugars. And so, the shelf life is usually a year or so from production. As we are unwilling to compromise on the quality of our ingredients, we must instead compromise on the shelf life.

Customer Reviews

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Olga Karczmarczyk
Lovely snack

Lovely snack. Easy to carry and delicious.

Michael Ireland
Fruit and Nuts

Fruit and Nuts are always good on the trail

It's trail mix!

It's trail mix! Good price, good mix of fruit and nuts, delicious!